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Liaison Family Program

Our Liaison Family Program (LFP) connects new hires of the Portland Police Bureau with families in the Portland area. We ask Liaison Families to provide support, friendship, community history, community events, area introductions, and anything else that will help integrate our new police officers into their community. And, our community is given the chance to share their different, dynamic, diverse voices and play a vital role in shaping the future of our city. We help make face-to-face connections between people who wish to participate, based on mutual trust and respect.

Since March 2018, we have connected 30 Portland Police Officers with Liaison Families in the Portland/Metro area. Each month, we engage with new police officers in various settings while they are acclimating to their new roles as police officers in our city.

Would you like to find out more on how to become a liaison Family?

At Face-to-Face Portland, we do not define “family” in any particular way, as we embrace the true nature and personality of the City of Portland. We are a unique city and we know that there are unique families who make up our community! Face-to-Face Portland is looking for people in the Portland/Metro area who are interested in engaging new police officers, and their families, in positive ways in our community.

All of this takes shape in the form of family dinner, special events, hiking, coffee, BBQs, texting, phone conversations, emails, visits to the movie theater, lunch, introductions to unique places, and meeting other people in Portland.

Contact (The) Amy Johnson 503.318.3582 or amy@facetofacepdx.org to learn more on how to engage in our program.
There is no commitment, just a conversation. Or, you can provide your contact information below.

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