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How We Help

Portland Police bureau is hiring significant numbers of police officers over the next few years due to retirements and lateral movements. PPB is one of the most difficult police agencies in the country to get hired at (if you’re curious as to the qualifications, etc, check out their website at https://www.joinportlandpolice.com/#intro).

According to PPB, since 1/1/2016 PPB has hired 143 police officers:

2016 – 32 hired
2017 – 83 hired
2018 – 28 hired (as of July 1, 2018)

Of this, there have been 20 separate from the bureau, which means there is approximately an 86% retention rate.

As citizens of the City of Portland, we expect our police officers to be quality, empathetic, thoughtful, thorough, smart human beings (among other things), and we have a chance to support their growth, get to know them and their families, and show them why we love Portland so much! It’s our chance to make positive change in an exceptional way, and support the police officers who we depend on to keep us safe.

Since March 2018, we have connected six new Portland Police Officers with Liaison Families in the Portland/Metro area. Each month, we engage with new police officers in various settings while they are acclimating to the Portland Metro area.
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